Body Positive: Female Olympians Pose Nude To Celebrate Their Bodies That Got Them To Rio.

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In an article published in Woman’s Health Magazine 2016 Naked Issue, these gorgeous gals take off their rugby kit before leaving for Rio in order to promote body confidence and learning to love your body no matter what shape, size or colour it comes in.

Five members of the England Women’s Rugby Sevens Team. Pictured from left: Heather Fisher, Amy Wilson-Hardy, Michaela Staniford, Danielle Waterman and Claire Allan.

The women join a host of other stars for Woman’s Health Magazine and discuss their battles with body issues and how they learnt to love their bodies for what they helped them achieve rather than how they looked.  It sometimes surprises me that gorgeous women in the limelight also have the same body issues as the rest of us. I personally think every one of these women are droolishous and have beautiful bodies as well as attractive faces.


Fullback Danielle Waterman explains how she learnt to love her strong body.

I’ll always remember trying on my prom dress and being upset at how broad and muscular I was.”

“It was my Brother who pointed out that my build was the very thing that would help me achieve my dreams of playing pro rugby for England.”

Well done Danielle’s Brother. One of her other teammates, flanker Heather Fisher, who also suffers from Alopecia, explains how hard it was for her when her shape changed dramatically after she changed from being an Olympic Bobsleigher to a rugby player.

My shoulders shrank and my legs got bigger. But I don’t train to look good; simply to be effective.”

These women are quite simply an inspiration to us all and can give us all a positive attitude towards our bodies. Don’t focus on the flaws and our perceptions of what looks good or attractive, let’s celebrate our bodies for what they can do and help us achieve. Good luck in Rio guys, we’re all right behind you.

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