Broad City is Back and Better Than Ever, So Here are 10 Reasons to Watch The Show

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This incredible funny show returned to Comedy Central Wednesday night, and boy had we missed the laughs.

From its roots as a YouTube sketch show, Broad City has morphed into a something akin to a more authentic, absurd, and funnier version of ‘Girls’. It’s the realness of Broad City that makes it such a joy to watch.

For all of the alienating privilege that Girls exposed viewers to, Broad City is for the rest of us who haven’t lived the Girls life. Ilana and Abbi are two refreshingly normal girls looking to break even and pay off the rent in a familiar way that embodies exactly what comedy is about; comedy is funny because it’s relatable.

1. Underaged Bongs

Our favourite duo get stoned with a group of college students while trying to steal their air conditioner – Excellent move.

2. Subway encounters

Abbi and Ilana encounter every possible faux pas while moving from train car to train car on the New York City subway.

3. Body Dysmorphia

Abbi and Ilana show each other what their bodies can do and experience the miracle of childbirth.

4. Breakfast of Champions

The pair compete in an intense cereal-eating competition.

5. Ilana Hates Gum

Abbi and Ilana argue over whether gum is delicious or disgusting.

6. Holiday Party Tips

Abbi and Ilana present a step-by-step guide to making the best of an awful holiday party.

7. Hot Guys

Broad City returns for Season 2 on January 14, and it’s going to get hot.

8. Movie Day

The girls take advantage of a movie theater’s lax ticket policy.

9. Never Have I Ever

Abbi, Ilana and friends experience a brief moment of realness during a game of Never Have I Ever.

10. Eight F**king Thousand Dollars

Abbi and Ilana take care of some serious banking business.

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