Budget Travel: How to Plan a Trip Without Breaking the Bank

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When it comes to traveling, there tends to be a big misconception about it only being for those who have a lot of money. And while travel can get costly if it’s not planned properly, taking a trip doesn’t necessarily have to drain your savings account.

Here’s a look at five helpful tips to help you save money and get you well on your way to taking that next trip while getting the most for that hard earned money…

Plan Ahead

Don’t expect to be saving any money by planning your trip at the last minute. Not only will airfare be more expensive the closer it gets to your departure date, hotel reservations will be harder to come by and there may not even be any vacancies.

Planning well in advance means you’ll also have more of an opportunity to take advantage of early bird deals, sales, and discounts on travel packages.

Consider Traveling Off-Peak

Not only will this save you a lot of money, but it will also spare you from having to deal with the annoying tourist crowds.

Do your research and look into when the peak seasons are for your intended destination. It’s always a good idea to avoid the spring break and high traffic summer seasons as well as major holidays, as airfare and pretty much everything else from hotels to restaurants will charge more so they can cash in on the busy season.

Travel Light

More and more airlines seem to be jumping on the charging for checked luggage bandwagon, especially for domestic flights.

Check with the airlines you’re looking into and see if they have and extra charge for a checked bag. If so, consider traveling light and only taking a carry-on. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll have less laundry to worry about when you return…it’s a double bonus.

Pick a Hotel Alternative

There are actually some really great options to choose aside from the typical hotel. Check into accommodation alternatives to the big chain hotels. You may be surprised at what’s available for a fraction of the cost. Bed and breakfasts and hostels are always great bargain options.

Sometimes you’ll also run across condo and apartments for rent by locals who cater to tourists and offer some affordable options as well.

Look Into Free Attractions

While taking in the typical tourist attractions typically always going to be on your “to do” travel itinerary, don’t forget that there are usually some great free options to check out as well. Often times you can find obscure museums and exhibits that don’t charge an admission fee. There are often times great parks and outdoor venues to explore as well for free.

So take a day off from doing the touristy thing and see what you can find to do that costs absolutely nothing!

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