Cast of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Give new member Ruby Rose the nod of approval

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The cast of Orange Is The New Black have given new member Ruby Rose the nod of approval.

Yael Stone who plays Morello and Uzo Aduba who plays Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ are currently in Australia for the launch of Netflix and were full of praise for the Aussie model and DJ turned actor, who will play Stella Carlin in the hit US drama series.


Fellow Australian actor Stone, said the Aussie actor, who plays Stella Carlin in the hit US drama series, was “beautiful inside and out.”

“Ruby Rose is in the big house. Even in prison, she is gorgeous. The face of Maybelline is in jail!”

Yael Stone

Rose has caused quite the sensation since news spread of her joining the popular Netflix series. Rose plays Stella, a new inmate who will just happen to be the love interest for the shows lead characters, Piper and Alex.

Breaking free- Ruby Rose 03

“She does provide a bit of spice with those pillowy lips, it’s a really exciting addition because she’s Australian. Our voices don’t really appear internationally on television unless we’re pretending to be somebody else, so it is going to be really refreshing and really nice to see that story with that different flavour from an Australian perspective.”

Yael Stone


Rose, a model, television presenter and DJ, has joined the third season of the popular US prison drama, which airs on Netflix from June 12, playing Stella, an inmate who will be introduced as a romantic interest for the show’s two leads.

Aduba said of Rose:

“Ruby has done a wonderful job in joining the family. She’s beautiful, a wonderful, lovely person. Our show is family, regardless of previous credentials.”

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