Cat vs Girlfriend

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My girlfriend doesn’t get on with my cat, at all – crazy right?

She says she has never really been a cat person, so I try not to take it personally. I’ve had my cat for 5 years (since the day she was born) – she means the world to me, but now she’s taken a dislike to my girlfriend. Which leaves me stuck in a really awkward position.

But what is so crazy, they are actually more a like than both would like to admit.

1. Both find it acceptable to eat my food.


2. Neither can decide whether or not they want to go out for the evening.

Kitten_going out

3. It is acceptable for them to sleep all day, but neither will let me sleep if they’re awake.

Kitten_wake up

4. Both demand attention whenever I want privacy.


5. I can never tell what either of them are thinking, but I assume I have displeased them in some way.


6. They both try to fit into things they clearly can’t fit into.


7. They’re both happy to disturb me when I working from home.


8. They’re able to nap wherever they find comfort.


9. They’re both too proud to ask for help.


10. Yelling at the neighbourhood hooligans to keep it down during quiet time.


11. Get spooked by someone sneaking up on them when they thought the house was empty.


12. Fall asleep on me, when I need to go to the bathroom.


13. They’re both completely spoilt by me.


14. They look adorable in glasses.


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