Catch Sarah Shahi In New Lesbian-Themed Film ‘Guns for Hire’

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Sarah Shahi is in a new lesbian-themed film called Guns for Hire, and it looks pretty freaking good.

Writer/director Donna Robinson is behind the film that stars Michele Hicks as a hitwoman named Beatle Boyin, who is a part time tow truck driver and part time assassin.

Athena Klendon (Ever Carradine), is a mysterious, beautiful young woman, with a secret, and they quickly strike a deadly bargain; in exchange for her own execution. Athena will change her life insurance policy to reflect Beatle as the beneficiary.

Guns for Hire

However (plot-twist), as she begins to fall for the beautiful Athena, Beatle seeks the approval of her psychiatrist (Orlando Jones) to make the hit.

Sarah plays Carla, a stripper that hooks up with Beatle, and ends up getting more involved than she hoped to be.

Guns for Hire 01

Watch the trailer below:


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