Check Out Lesbian Alt-Rock Band MUNA

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If you love alternative rock, provocative lyrics, and funky haircuts, then why aren’t you listening to MUNA already?

The band is making waves for their controversial single, Loudspeaker, the title track from their just-released Loudspeaker EP. The banger is an anthem for speaking up and making your voice heard.


The lead singer, Katie Gavin, wrote the song after coming out about her own sexual assault. When she finally opened up to trusted friends, very few people believed her. She faced a difficult decision: remain silent and pretend that she’d never been violated, or speak up about her traumatizing experiences?

She didn’t just speak up. She wrote one of the boldest, loudest songs of the year.

“I’m gonna put it high on the loudspeaker/And if I feel like crying, I won’t hide it/I am a loudspeaker.”

This song is empowering to anyone scared to speak up about any injustice – from sexual assault to racism, sexism and homophobia. “It’s helping me to scream this is not my fault!” Gavin bellows.

MUNA has been making waves for their ability to combine heavy, taboo subjects with bubbly synth-pop music.

I Know a Place is a love letter to LGBTQ people all around the world, and gained new life after June’s tragic Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Naomi McPherson (synth), Josette Maskin (guitar), and Katie Gavin (vocals), the band’s members, met several years ago at the University of Southern California, and have been making world-shaking music since 2013. This year, RCA Records signed them off the strength of The Loudspeaker EP, so you’ll be hearing much more MUNA in the years to come.

They’re currently touring the country on a twelve-city tour, hitting cities from Indianapolis to Brooklyn to New Orleans. The tour extends through November, so it’s not too late to grab front-row seats. Tickets start at $28.

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