Check Out ‘And The Moon’ – A New Black and White Lesbian Musical

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Do you remember the first time you realized you were in love with a girl?

Maybe it was your first kiss with the shy girl in your biology class. Maybe it was when you first laid eyes on that cute girl with an afro at a poetry slam. Maybe it was when Kristen Stewart helped you make Totinos Pizza Rolls and had sex with you on a counter during the Superbowl.

The new queer musical explores that moment through music, dance and film.

The producer, Dan Bindschedler, says:

And the Moon” is a musical short about a woman’s journey to allow herself to be vulnerable, to fall in love, and to openly embrace her desire for another woman. Late at night, at the end of a promising date, a young woman is caught off guard by her date’s open, direct desire for her. During their dance of seduction, time suddenly stands still as she considers her own feelings of love and the erotic attraction that she feels towards this other woman. Wordlessly, through dance, she grapples with her fear about publicly owning her queerness, as well as the universal fear of being vulnerable enough to fall in love with another person.

The film will be shot in high-contrast black and white. The producer aims to emulate the romanticism of 1950s European art film, with an eye trained on Luchino Cisconti’s Le notti bianche. (Will this make the film insufferably artistic and self-important? It’s too early to tell.)

Because the musical is about women, the producer prioritized women when assembling a crew. The writer-director and choreographer are both women, as are every member of the cast.

The cast is notable for its diversity. Several women of color play the starring roles. It stars Gabby Beans, Adrianna Aguilar, Raquel Chavez, and Maria Diez, most of whom are new to film, but not to acting.

The film isn’t quite ready yet. They’re still raising money at their Kickstarter with the hope of submitting it to festivals in 2018 – everything from LA Outfest to NYC Newfest, with perhaps Sundance in between.

The producer has a dedicated schedule of when the film will be submitted and released online, so you can be sure that come hell or high water, you’ll be able to get your hands on it. Donors will get to see it first.

To contribute, head over to the “And The Moon” Kickstarter.

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