Chief Constable Proudly Comes Out at Gloucestershire’s Pride

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Chief Constable Suzette Davenport choose to come out too a stunned the audience at Gloucestershire’s Pride.

Ms Davenport, who is head of Gloucestershire Police, revealed the secret while addressing a crowd at the county’s gay pride event.

“It is not tattooed on my forehead but I don’t hide it either. I could have stood up and talked about facts and figures but people would have switched off. Instead I thought it would be better to talk about something more personal to me.

The police have made significant progress on these issues and we are much better than some public sector organisations but there is still some room to improve. We have low levels of hate crime in Gloucestershire too. They are significantly below the national average.

But I want people to understand hate crime. I know what it feels like having been through it myself.”

Chief Constable Suzette Davenport

Andy Harley, from the Gloucestershire Pride committee, said:

“Just when we thought it wouldn’t get any better, we got to the park and she came out on stage. We never expected that. It was incredibly brave for someone in her position. She must be the only chief constable in the country to come out like that. She told people that she didn’t want to keep it to herself anymore.”

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