Children Of Gay Parents Speak Out in Powerful Video

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“Do you think your family is unusual?” the interviewer asks the kids. “No” is the reply…

The message in this powerful video is simple: A loving family is a loving family no matter its colour or shape, and children with gay parents simply don’t care if they have two mums or two dads (or something in between).

In this video, filmed last year during the Imagine Children’s Festival at London’s South Bank Centre, interviewers ask a group of children about their hopes, dreams and family life. The results are heartwarming.

Parents are Parents. Family is Family. Love is Love.

In interview after interview, the children make it clear how blissfully typical their home life is. With gay and lesbian parents increasingly becoming the new normal, it’s a little incredible that some people continue to argue that sexual orientation has any bearing on one’s ability to be a good parent.

Without ever coming out and saying so, this video is the perfect rebuttal for anyone who argues that gay parents are somehow worse for children than straight ones.

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