Clarke and Lexa From ‘The 100’ Are Our New Favourite TV Couple

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CW’s The 100 answers the hypothetical question of what would humanity do if we were wiped out by a nuclear war. The answer, naturally, is that we’d be forced to live in space on a ship called the Ark and wait until Earth finally became stable’.

Just 97 years into the journey and ‘Council’ has sent a group of 100 young criminals (who’ve been arrested for things as serious as murder or as harsh as being the second born child in your family) down to Earth to see if it’s stable, as oxygen on the ship is running out.

They’ll hit the ground, set up shop and see if it’s safe for everybody else to come down. At least, that’s the plan for smart female lead Clarke Griffin and her rag tag bunch of ‘sky people’.


Things don’t go so well though as they’re forced to deal with the menacing Grounders (survivors of the nuclear war who feel that Clarke and co. are trespassing), Reapers (enemies of the Grounders) and the mysterious Mountain Men who are a different, dangerous force altogether.

There’s also acid dust, mutated animals and the risk of radiation. Yet amongst all this they still find time for love.

The show is racially diverse, stars a female lead and each of its characters are well written, and multidimensional (after all, they are loveable criminals), but it has been overwhelmingly heterosexual.

In the first season alone there are about five different male/female hookups or potential love lines which will probably put you to sleep.

Stick with The 100 though as after over a dozen episodes of Clarke’s men-only love life (season one has just 13 episodes), she finds love with Commander Lexa who is the leader of the Grounders, establishing themselves as one of the few lead queer romances that we see on TV.

Their kiss in the show’s most recent episode was beautiful and treated with the utmost respect – just like all of the other heterosexual love pairings we’d seen on the show. And it’s significant not just for queer fans who’ve been crossing their fingers for canon ‘Clexa’ for a while, but because Clarke is now one of the few queer female lead characters on TV.


The only other example of a queer female lead (who isn’t just part of an ensemble where everybody is ‘sort of’ the main character e.g Pretty Little Liars) is Lost Girl, but that shows ends soon and so Clarke comes at a time where queer women need representation the most.

It’s also incredibly promising that The 100’s producer Jason Rothenberg wrote on Twitter that “In #The100, they don’t label themselves. If Clarke’s attracted to someone, gender isn’t a factor. Some things improve post-apocalypse. Clarke is a bisexual character. Remember that in this society, no one’s worried about it. They’re worried about spears to the chest.”

So the budding Clexa romance has support from the people who make it and massive support from the fans and we can’t wait to see where The 100 takes their romance next.


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