Comeback Queen – The Rise and Fall of Azealia Banks

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The world of hip-hop is notorious for being a haven of misogyny and laced with homophobia. However, in 2012 Azealia Banks took a stand and publicly admitted she was bisexual.

However, cut to one year later and the LGBT friendly artists caused mass controversy by using a number of homophobic slurs on twitter. First, she battled with then rising rapper Angel Haze, in a spat where her insults were strongly transphobic. She then picked a fight with gossip blogger Perez Hilton and resorted to homophobic insults. Her behaviour caused a massive media backlash and her Twitter account was cancelled.

Move forward in time and she was released from her contract with Interscope/Polydor. She was signed to the label for two years, but they didn’t release her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste.

Now in 2014 and Azealia hopes to release those songs on her own label, and move on with her life.

She has a new single out – ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’, which comes with a new video. A video where Azealiais driven out into the desert and left to die alone of thirst, which shows some awareness of the state of her career given the roll she was on two summers ago.

“I’ve literally just been sitting here waiting to get off the label. For awhile it was like, ‘What is she doing? She’s here, she’s there, she’s doing this, she’s saying this. When is the album coming out?’ So I’m really happy to get this project off. Cause I’ve already started working on a bunch of new stuff.

I’m still connected to the [Broke With Expensive Taste] music, but I’m still somewhere else, with these other projects, because I know how quickly I like to move and my fan base likes to move. So I’m halfway, like one foot in Broke With Expensive Taste and one foot in the next project, and having all these other ideas. But I’m just happy that I can do whatever I want now.”

Azealia Banks

Watch Azealia Banks’ ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’ video:

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