Coming Soon, an in Depth Look at London’s Drag Queen Scene

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On March 31 a new channel London Live will launch in the UK, and with this launch comes a new twist to reality TV, which is planning to give all other reality shows a run for their money. Entitled Drag Queens of London, the show will feature the “dramatic double lives and sensational secrets” of the capital city’s drag queen scene. 

The Standard reports that one of the show’s stars, Lady Lloyd, said of it, “There’ll be more glamour and drama than all those shows put together!”

The show, which is described as an “observational documentary” will air eight episodes following the lives of a selection of drag queens.

“The world of the London Drag Queen isn’t exactly as you would imagine… These are incredibly talented artists, but they’re real people as well, and sometimes the drama isn’t just on the stage. Drag Queens Of London is the first of what we hope will be many shows where audiences are introduced to unexpected and unknown subcultures that exist in London. I want other people with their own unusual stories to come and talk to us as well.”

Jonathan Boseley, Head of Programming for London Live


If you want to know more – and even submit your own ideas for a show on the new channel – then click here to go to its website.

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