Complaints Made Over Lesbian Kiss on Doctor Who

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Several complaints have been made to the TV watchdog Ofcom over the lesbian kiss between Madame Vastra and her wife Jenny on Doctor Who, as the two locked lips in front of 7 million viewers.

Although the couple, portrayed by Neve McIntosh and Catrin Stewart, have appeared as lovers for three years, their first on-screen kiss sparked some people to attack what they saw as a “blatant gay agenda”.

The moment came about when Jenny holds her breath to escape clockwork droids who can sense humans by their exhalations. As she struggles to breathe, Madame Vastra helps keep her alive with her own oxygen.

Angry viewers decided to write to Ofcom as they felt the kiss was ‘inappropriate’ to have on before 9pm. They also took to twitter

‘The BBC wants to become a porn channel’, one said, with another criticising the show for its ‘weird lesbian-lizard perv trip’.

Despite this small backlash the scene did receive an overwhelming positive reaction.

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