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Below, you’ll find information about cookies, including a definition, a list of which cookies are used on KitschMix.com, instructions on how to turn off all cookies or how to disable third party advertising cookies. You’ll also find more links to more reading on the topic.

If you need further information or have questions, email [email protected]

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files that a web server places on your computer when you visit a web page. The file is just letters and numbers – it doesn’t run software code. When used by a website, the cookie can help make a webpage more user-friendly, for example by remembering your settings.

Cookies live in the memory of your web browser. Usually, a cookie contains:

  • The name of the server that created the cookie
  • A length of time the cookie will exist
  • A value (typically, a random string of numbers and characters)

Only the webpage that created the cookie can read it. Cookies can be used for a wide range of reasons. On KitschMix.com, we use cookies to anonymously track site usage, keep track of sessions and settings, improve website performance and administer services to users and advertisers.

Types Of Cookies

We use five types of cookies on KitschMix, for a variety of purposes, as set out below.

Anonymous analytics cookies

We use these to analyse and measure the traffic to the site. Examples of analytics cookies include:

  • KitschMix cookie tracks anonymous usage for stats
  • Google Analytics cookie to track anonymous aggregate usage which allows us to improve the KitschMix site

Registration cookies

These types of cookies let us see that you’re logged in, allowing you to comment, react to posts and click badges. Examples of registration cookies on KitschMix are:

  • KitschMix cookie keeps your session and settings if you are signed in
  • Facebookcookie as part of Facebook sign-in to KitschMix, and which remembers you when you re-visit KitschMix

Third-party cookies (not advertising-related)

These cookies allow us to integrate KitschMix with other services like Twitter or Facebook, conduct optional surveys, and help improve the performance of the site. Examples include:

  • Twitter cookies for Twitter features on KitschMix pages, including allowing you tweet about KitschMix content
  • Facebook cookies for Facebook features on KitschMix pages, including allowing you to share and like KitschMix content on Facebook

Third-party Advertising cookies

These cookies help us deliver and track advertisements on KitschMix, including advertisements that are relevant to your interests. Examples of third-party advertising cookies include:

Turning Off Cookies

You can make your browser stop accepting some or all cookies. But it’s worth noting that with cookies disabled, many of the things you do online.

All modern browsers let you control your cookie settings. Here’s a list:

To specifically turn off third party advertising cookies, you can visit these sites:

Useful Links And Further Reading

To find out more about cookies, how they work and what they do, visit the sites below:

For more information about privacy and internet advertising, visit this site set up by the IAB:

More information about privacy issues:

To contact KitschMix about cookies, please write [email protected]

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