Coronation Street’s New Lesbian Story Line Revealed In Explosive Trailer

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Ever since Faye Brookes teased that there was a surprise romance on Coronation Street for her character Kate Connor – which would seemingly involve someone already established in the soap – speculation has been rife as to who it could be.

Now a new autumn trailer for the UK’s long running soap, reveals a love-stricken Rana Nazir confronting Kate about her feelings for her.

The teaser of what’s to come shows Rana pleading to her crush: “Do you feel the same about me as I do about you?”

As a shocked Kate is flustered and says that they can’t be together, will she see her mate in a new light and potentially develop feelings back? Or will she shut this down before it goes any further?

The tension between Kate and Rana has been growing for weeks – especially when Kate started dating newcomer Imogen.

Rana doesn’t handle it very well, with Kate accusing her of being homophobic, but the truth is now out there, so what will we happen now?

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