Couple demand equal fertility treatment from NHS

Lesbian YouTubers demanding equal fertility treatment for same sex couples.
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They just want to become mothers, but say they’re being discriminated against because of their sexuality.

YouTubers Megan Bacon Evans and her wife Whitney have launched a campaign demanding equal fertility treatment – after they were told they’d have to pay up to £30,000 to a private clinic before they could get any help from the NHS.

In an interview Megan said “We were really shocked to find out to get any help from the NHS we would have to go through six rounds. Even for one round we’re already at £6,000. We’ve had a lot of our followers message us and say they can’t afford to get pregnant,” she added.

Megan and Whitney are using their YouTube channel to campaign for equal access for fertility services for LGBT+ couples.

The couple have heard desperate stories from their followers trying to get pregnant.

“They were going to Facebook and finding sperm donors and doing it for free at home. I was shocked! Who knows what their medical backgrounds are?,” they added.

Stonewall’s Eloise Stonborough added “It very much depends on where you are – whether or not you have access to appropriate treatment. Whether you’re required to pay privately for donor sperm once you have access to NHS-funded IVF,” said .

“The NHS and Department of Health need to review their guidance to make sure it’s much clearer for CCGs [Clinical Commissioning Groups] about what they provide and where,” she added.

Whitney and Megan have started a petition and as well as more financial help they are asking for changes in care for LGBT+ couples whop are trying for a baby.

“We are asking for formal training with NHS staff on all LGBT+ issues. We’ve heard stories of some doctors saying ‘who’s the real mum or where’s the dad?’,” said Whitney.

The government said it was committed to reviewing IVF equality to ensure all couples get equal access to fertility treatment regardless of sexuality.

Whitney and Megan hope their petition gets enough signatures to get their petition debated in parliament.

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