Daily Juice: Cara Delevingne Debuts Freshly Shaven Head, Anna Friel Set For First Lesbian Sex Scene In Two Decades

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Cara Delevingne is currently in the midst of filming Life In A Year, which sees her play a dying woman. But in order to fully get into character, Delevingne has sacrificed her locks for the flick – and debuted her new, completely bald style.

The 24-year-old gave fans a glimpse of her starkly different shaven head for the first time as she arrived on set in Toronto, ahead of another busy day shooting the emotional but romantic drama with co-star Jaden Smith.


Anna Friel set to star in new lesbian drama 23 years after famous Brookside kiss – and apparently she’s terrified about it.

In the second season of Steven Soderbergh’s TV drama The Girlfriend Experience Friel will play the finance director of a Republican Super Pac, who has a relationship with a female escort.

The show includes a lot of nudity, and Friel admitted:

I’m absolutely terrified about it. In The Girlfriend Experience, nudity and sex is the key to the role. And they want me to look real. It’s terrifying. I’ve definitely upped my hours at the gym.”

Downtown Boys, who performed at Coachella these past two weekends, have penned an open letter criticizing the festival on various fronts, primarily its links to anti-LGBTQ causes. (Pitchfork)

A German far-right party elected an out lesbian to lead their campaign for the upcoming General Election. Alice Weidel was voted to be the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) top candidate, alongside Alexander Gauland. They will not lead the party – that job stays with its current owner Frauke Petry – but instead will be the party’s top candidates to take on Angela Merkel in the September general election.  But, according to her party’s program, Alice Weidel, her wife, and the two boys they are raising are not allowed to call themselves a family.

And finally, YouTube has updated their policy that restricted LGBTQ Content and explained measures to prevent it from happening again (Bustle)

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