Daily Juice: Karma Explains That Kiss, Disney Accused Of ‘Declaring War’ On Religion, & Kristen Stewart Heading to Cannes

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You heard right, a Christian group has accused Disney of declaring war on religion after the company threatened to boycott the state of Georgia if a bill restricting the rights of LGBT people was signed into law.


Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg’s new movie Café Society, directed by Woody Allen, is set to open Cannes Film Festival this year. Stewart and Eisenberg play two 1930’s Hollywood aspirers who fall in love. Steve Carell, Blake Lively and Parkey Posey also star, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


Stewart, in an interview last year, said she was “exceptionally nervous” during her audition for the film. (ah, bless)

He [Woody] wasn’t in the room, but I did audition for it,” she said. “I wanted to take that tape with me. I walked out of that room and I was like, ‘Uhhh.'”

Award-winning, media mogul Queen Latifah is continuing to add more pieces to her growing entertainment portfolio by launching a new TV series. ‘The Best Place To Be’ will be travel show that will air on the Travel Channel.

Malina-Gulino has written a great piece for the Columbia Spectator ‘Last Call: Columbia’s Queer Women and the End of the Lesbian Bar Era’

Lead Photo Mal

Park Cannon – a queer black millennial – is planning to shake up Georgia politics.


Sweden is flying a flag for LGBT rights with new stamp.


In Faking it news we finally find out the truth comes out about why Karma kissed Amy (And boy, does the truth hurt).


After warring it out in the halls of Hester High, Amy and Karma were forced to confront their elephant-sized friendship demons. However, ladies let their pain flags fly — hurling statements of who hurt who more (and who kissed who), which culminated in the truth about that smooch.

Karma humbly says,

Maybe I kissed you in the pool because maybe a small part of me does want you to be in love with me. Because it feels good. I know, it’s so selfish. I don’t want to keep hurting you, Amy. But I don’t know how to be your friend without hurting you.”


And finally loads of your straight friends have had gay sex, just FYI

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