Daily Juice: People Campaign To Make Elsa The First Lesbian Princess In Disney’s History

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Disney’s animated hit Frozen has been widely praised as being one of the studio’s most LGBT-friendly productions yet; Jonathan Groff is Disney Animation’s first openly gay actor to play the protagonist’s love interest, and Oaken is arguably the studio’s most visible LGBT character, thanks to a brief shot in the film of what appears to be his husband and children.

And now Twitter users are hoping the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend will encourage the studio to provide better LGBT representation in its animation.

Amandla Stenberg says they’d prefer to use they/them pronouns and explains why on their Tumblr.


Two television shows have added to the lesbian death trope last week, with two queer-identified female characters being killed, by gunshots no less.


Lesbian writers are heading to the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

Kristen Stewart graces the cover of the French Marie Claire this month, and inside, she talks about being mistaken for a boy when she was younger, and how she feels about having short hair. 


She was also asked ‘what is worse in your opinion, in Hollywood: Being a woman, being black or being gay?’, her response…

I don’t have much experience with these subjects; I don’t have much to say.”

And according to FOX, Tennessee’s anti-LGBT law could spell the end of ‘Nashville’.


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