Dattch to Launch an Android Version of their Lesbian App

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Known as ‘the opposite of Grindr’, Dattch is the first app designed with lesbian, bisexual and queer women in mind, and not a re-purposed gay male app. Now, after months of waiting (and thousands of requests), Dattch announced they are launching it’s Android version of the app.

In recent months, Dattch’s lesbian App has taken the USA and UK by storm, with a 30% growth each month, and requests pouring in from gay and bisexual women all over the world for the App to be made available in their cities. With demand high, the team also announced yesterday, that Dattch will also finally launch in New York CIty.

The Android App will be launched on the same day as the New York City launch, and takes place on the 20th June at the Lesbians Who Tech Summit.

“We’ve had thousands and thousands of requests for Android over the past couple of months alone and our early testers have been giving great feedback so we’re really excited to bring Dattch to the Android audience.”

Robyn Exton, CEO

The app’s female driven user experience and beautiful design, clearly sets apart why an app for women is needed.

With Pinterest inspired profiles, girls upload images to show who they really are, pulling in images from their Instagram and Facebook feeds.

“New York has been needing an app like Dattch for years, an easy way to finally meet and chat with other women. We actually stop straight men signing up so users don’t need to worry about being pestered by guys and they can safely and enjoyably meet other women in their area”

Robyn Exton, CEO

Dattch will continue to launch in the US on a city by city basis and users can request for their city to be next by voting in the app. The moment 2,000 requests from any city are received, Dattch will publish the app live.

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