Debauched Dinah Party Caught on Camera

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This April’s Dinah Weekend (2014) in Palm Springs was a huge hit. Over five fabulous days, 10,000 lesbians rampaged around the desert having a gay old time. We loved the live music, we loved the parties, we loved the bikini-clad debauchery by the poolside.

The US’s biggest lesbian event attracted everyone from Mary Lambert to Tegan and Sara, the stars of The L Word. A lot of the fun was caught on camera and we present to you the choicest shots from off the web…

The L Word at The Dinah 2014

Leisha Hailey, Kate Moennig and Laurel Holloman at Club Skirts The Dinah 2014 – Exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage. Dinah Shore Weekend, 2014 in Palm Springs.

The Dinah 2014 Promo “The Lesbian Book Club”

The Lesbian Book Club with Doria Biddle, Guinevere Turner, Mariah Hanson, Erin Foley and Gloria Bigelow. Club Skirts Presents The Dinah 2014 – the largest lesbian event in the world.


image: thedinah.com 

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