This Dinner Party Will Teach You All About Queer History

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The Haggadah, which is read during the Jewish holiday Passover, is a guide to performing a ritual called Seder. The Haggadah lays out the blessings you should say, the food you should eat, the way you should wash your hands and serve the food, and the history of the holiday.

Geeks OUT has created a secular Haggadah for queer people. Instead of focusing on Jewish beliefs, this book called Serving Pride discusses queer history and outlines a ritual that queer people can do in order to remember their predecessors.

According to the official Kickstarter page,

Serving Pride will guide a group of dinner guests through a ritual meal where history is retold through readings, songs, games, recipes, and artwork.”

With the guide, you’ll learn about the Daughters of Bilitis, who subverted gender norms to create one of the first known queer communities. You’ll recreate the drag ball culture of 1920s Harlem and get educated about queer trendsetters who pushed music, literature and fashion to the edges of possibility. You’ll chant along with the rioters of Stonewall and sing about queer revolutionaries.

Serving Pride contains dozens of original recipes that you and your queer friends can cook up together, and songs that you can sing as a community. The book is fully illustrated by emerging queer artists, so that you can be sure this is a queer project from cover to cover.

Queer history is for everyone regardless of socioeconomic status, so this book will be available for free as a printable PDF. A full-color version will also be available for purchase.

No single dinner party can completely encompass everything there is to know about queer history, even if you only focus on queer American history like this guide does. However, the book includes a handy bibliography so that interested guests can do further research on the subjects that interest them most.

The book will hopefully be available by June 2017 just in time for Pride. If you’d like to donate to the Kickstarter and reserve your copy now, head over to the official page.

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