Discover Queer San Francisco in New Adventure Game ‘Read Only Memories’

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In Neo-San Francisco, you can be whatever you want, from a queer bartender to a lesbian robot hybrid.

In the near dystopic future, complete human customization is possible. Groups of people called “hybrids” have begun experimenting with cybernetic augmentation and gene splicing. And in a world with sentient robots, hybrids feel right at home pushing the boundaries of what it means to be human.

This cyberpunk noir game Read Only Memories takes place in the very LGBT city of Neo-San Francisco, where you play as a young journalist. A robot named Turing (named after the real-life gay scientist whose Turing Test is used to determine levels of artificial intelligence) comes to visit you. Turing needs your help to track down his creator.

Throughout the traditional point-and-click adventure game, you will interact with all of Neo-San Francisco’s queerest locals, some of whom are hybrids and some of whom are just proud queer people. You’ll build alliances, solve puzzles, and learn the dark truth about the future. The 10+ hours of gameplay will lead you to one of many endings based on your narrative choices, so Read Only Memories offers plenty of room for playthroughs.

The game’s main draw is the complete control you have over your character’s sexual orientation or gender identity. You can choose with personal pronouns the game will refer to your character as – he, her, they, xe, ze or even a custom pronoun of your choosing.

The game was developed by MidBoss, a groundbreaking LGBT gaming company that produces the annual LGBT GaymerX Convention, and which produced the documentary Gaming in Color about the growing community of LGBT gamers. This is MidBoss’ first foray into developing their own games.

Founder Matt Conn said,

Instead of waiting for Sony and other big companies to include gay characters in their games as more than just tokens, we should just do it ourselves.”

And Read Only Memories was born.

Read Only Memories is available on Playstation 4, Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Xbox One, Playstation Vita, Android and iOS versions are coming soon.

Visit the official website to learn more, or preview the game by watching a playthrough here.


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