Does Love Get Old For Lesbians?

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Age is but a number… or is it? When an older woman hits on you, its hard to say how you should act or what you should say. No matter if you’re ready for the relationship or not, it’s best to be prepared for it.

Ideas for ‘Older’ Lesbians to find their match:

  1. Internet: The internet is becoming more and more popular for people to find the love of their life. Why not older women as well? There aren’t as many public scenes for the cougars, so online dating is more subtle and way more effective for their age group.
  2. Activities:  Clubs are a great way to find people in your age range, who also enjoy similar things that you do! It never hurts to try, right?
  3. Friends: Friends can help out a lot, whether you’re in public and spot someone cute, and you want them to start the conversation for you, or if something goes awry and you need backup.
  4. Spark: Keep your spark and charm! Just because your age is going up doesn’t mean you have to lose your charm. You need to keep the intimacy and love between you two, or the relationship will get boring really quickly.
  5. Who are you?: Who are you? What do you want from yourself and your Lesbian relationship? You need to know your goals and intents before getting into a committed relationship.
  6. Preparation: Physically and mentally, ladies! Be prepared for anything that may come up in your relationship. Finances are a good thing to have taken care of too.

Now if you are looking for the correct match for you, this may be exactly what you are looking for. Don’t give up on your love life… there’s someone out there for you, I promise! 

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