Easy Abby Season 2 Adds Guinevere Turner to the Cast

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Easy Abby is one of the most well-liked and well-reviewed series on the web.

Not only did its first season garner over 30 million views online but it also won the the Audience Award at the North Carolina LGBT Film Festival and the show was recently featured on our list of web series that you absolutely need to watch.

And now the show is gearing up towards season two. In its first season, we met Abby we cheered for her as she spoke of her dreams (she wants to leave Chicago and move to Costa Rica to study coral reefs) and we smiled along as the show introduced us to Abby’s friends and her “many” lovers.

Easy Abby 02

Season two wants to build on that as not only will it “shed some light on Abby’s commitment issues” but Abby will get several new love interests as well and we’ll also meet her mother, Marilyn, who has manic depression.

Indeed, the show isn’t all mishaps with girls as it has “complex characters, awkward emotional moments” and it tackles the subject of depression, albeit “in an honest comedic way”.

The team behind Easy Abby describes the show as “funny” and “fresh” entertainment that’s both women-driven and “it doesn’t have to answer to mainstream TV gate keepers” either. And so it’s no wonder that several new cast members have joined the show, wanting to be part of a production that you’re unlikely to see on television any time soon.

Easy Abby 01

While there are no details on their characters at the moment, Guinevere Turner (The L Word, Go Fish, and Chasing Amy) is on board, as are Anna Albelo (Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf), Marga Gomez (HBO’s Comic Relief), and Dalila Ali Rajah (Dyke Central).

Easy Abby 04

As for when you can see the second season of Easy Abby, the show has filmed four episodes already but it has just ended a crowdfunding campaign in order to get funding to film the remaining eight episodes.

It raised just over $5,000 of its $10,000 goal, and though you can no longer pledge money via Indiegogo, people can still donate via PayPal – more information on how to do that can be found on the Easy Abby campaign page here.


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