Ellen DeGeneres Addresses ‘Childish’ Jokes About Bruce Jenner

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When Olympic gold medal winner and reality TV star, Bruce Jenner, recently came out as trans in an interview with Diane Sawyer – we knew there would be some backlash. But one key person to show their support is Ellen DeGeneres

Moments after the interview, she tweeted her support at the time, saying Jenner was a “beautiful, brave human being”.

Ellen DeGeneres is no stranger to addressing a sensitive topic in the public eye after coming out as gay in 1997, and the talk show host addressed the information, along with the reception of it, in her usual wonderful way.

It was an amazing interview, it’s very hard to reveal what you’ve been hiding. I know there’s been a lot of jokes and I think when people feel uncomfortable or they don’t understand something that’s how they deal with it, they make jokes, it’s very childish and I think those people are poo poo heads.

Even if you don’t understand it, you’ve got to admire someone who is willing to risk ridicule and tell the truth. Everyone has something that makes them feel different and like they don’t belong I hope we can all learn to co-exist and stop judging each other.”

She concluded on a simple note,

Let’s face it: the world would be a nicer place if we focused on what we had in common instead of what makes us different because we all want the same thing—we want love, we want acceptance and we want the new Apple watch. That’s all we want.

I hope we can all learn to coexist and stop judging each other, I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, less judging, more dancing.”

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