Ellen Page Plays Cover Girl For W Mag’s New Royals Issue

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W Mag’s October issue features Ellen Page as its cover girl. Where she can be seen suit and booted. BUT, inside we see a different side to the newly outed actress – Abs out, wearing noting but a cap.

The 27-year-old actress is not the only cover star this month. This issue pays tribute to 12 groundbreakers in entertainment, fashion, film, and comedy. Model Cara Delavingne, who dated Michelle Rodriguez earlier this year, plus Kristen Wiig, Naomi Campbell, and Charlotte Casiraghi also take their own covers as the new royalty of film, fashion, comedy, and more.

Here’s what the ladies shared:

Ellen, on her first audition:

“I was 10 when I started acting. A casting director came to my school looking for kids. I auditioned for a TV movie called Pit Pony, and I got it. Acting became an immediate fixation. I was a child, but I was so ambitious. At 17, I costarred in Hard Candy, about a pedophile and his victim, whom I played. My character had to castrate the pedophile. I’ve always loved learning things for a part, and I remember researching castration and thinking, This is so interesting. I’m a nerd that way: I love the challenges of this job.”

ellen-page-v-mag-01 ellen-page-v-mag-02

Cara, on being naked:

“As a child, I loved being naked. My parents would have to force me to be dressed because otherwise I’d take my clothes off and run around the supermarket. Nudity was liberation to me. Freedom. My entire family is pretty nudist-y. We went to nude beaches a lot. I always wondered why the men on nude beaches had the smallest penises.”

ellen-page-v-mag-04 ellen-page-v-mag-03

For more from the ladies, visit Wmagazine.com.




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