Ellen Page Talks About The Orlando Shooting And Gun Control With Chelsea Handler

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Ellen Page was a special guests on Chelsea Handler’s self-titled Netflix show Chelsea – joining The Brady Bunch actress Florence Henderson and Chelsea’s favourite, second-grade teacher Mrs. Schectman.


The subjects discusses included Ellen’s Viceland show Gaycation, the importance of having quality educators teaching the next generation, and gun control in America, especially in light of the recent shooting early Sunday at Orlando’s gay nightclub Pulse, a tragedy that claimed 49 lives .

Chelsea said.

Whether you believe in guns or not, whatever we’re doing isn’t working, so we all have to have the conversation and continue to have the conversation on how to fix this country, and what we can do.

They (guns) should be banned. People argue back and forth on Twitter anytime you make a comment. People say ‘What about the Second Amendment?’ but these are assault weapons. You shouldn’t have to have an assault weapon to defend yourself. At some point, having the Second Amendment shouldn’t supersede your right to go out to a dance club and have a good night. You shouldn’t have to be armed.”

Ellen added to Chelsea’s comments on gun control


The reality is that violence towards LGBT people is a common thing. Hate crimes towards LGBT people, extremely anti-gay, anti-bi, anti-trans rhetoric that is constantly creating a poisonous environment, which leads to people hating themselves, and to people being violent towards one another, towards bullying, towards abuse. It really needs to stop, because people are really, really struggling, and they deserve to live freely and love freely, and not be afraid.”

Ellen Page’s appearance on Chelsea will be streaming on Netflix at 12:01 a.m. PST this Thursday.

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