Ellen Page’s ‘Gaycation’ Set To Air Early Next Year

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This week Spectrum reported that they had brokered a deal with A+E Networks to produce Viceland, a new TV channel.

The announcement came with the news that the under-the-radar, LGBT docu-series Gaycation with Ellen Page, which has been loosely talked about since the actress busted Ted Cruz’s chops over a grill in Iowa this summer, could air as soon as February 2016.

In Gaycation, Page travelled the world to speak with friends and foes of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

And now we have a little preview of what that show will look like.


On Wednesday, Vice debuted a preview compilation of Viceland on their YouTube account.

The show has been describe as something similar to CNN’s Original Series or Fusion’s Unreported World,

… [an] edgy, immersive dives into cultural and sociological anomalies, produced in engaging, informative and entertaining ways.”

Viceland will replace H2 early next year on cable and satellite TV.

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