It’s surprising how many women feel self-conscious about receiving oral sex and some feel so uncomfortable they choose not to take part in oral sex at all. There appears to be a variety of reasons why women are self-conscious about it. Some women worry they won’t taste good, or their vagina doesn’t look ‘normal’ or they might not smell nice to their partner when they are ‘down there.’ But the truth of the matter is most women know that vagina’s come in all different shapes and sizes, there is no ‘perfect looking’ vagina at all. Women also have a unique taste and smell when aroused, again this is normal and your partner is not even thinking about these things while she is intent on giving you pleasure.

If you enjoy giving oral sex and it’s only receiving it that you find uncomfortable try to remember how you feel about giving it. Are you thinking your partner smells funny or thinking about the shape or size of her vagina? The answer is probably no, so it’s important for you to remember that she is not going to be thinking any differently than you do when she performs on you! So, if you have any of these doubts and worries that stop you from enjoying oral sex, don’t panic. We have some tips to help you overcome your insecurities.

Tell Your Partner How You Feel

Before attempting anything, it is vital you talk to your partner. Tell her how you feel and what your worries are. Be open and honest. She will probably help put your mind at rest when she tells you that she’s only interested in giving you pleasure and focuses on that point only and nothing else crosses her mind.

Learn To Relax

Firstly, it’s important to be relaxed. Relaxation techniques and exercises can really help you with this. Yoga is one example, or meditation. Our brains tend to overthink when we are not feeling relaxed so getting into the practise of relaxing is half the battle. Start learning to feel completely relaxed through whatever technique suits you best as once you master this it will be easier for the next stage.

Clear Your Mind

OK, this can be easier said than done, but with a bit of practise it is easy to achieve. Try to focus on what you are feeling, don’t let negative thoughts slip into your head. The best way to clear your mind is when you start to have thoughts creep in, take some silent deep breaths and count in your head, one for breathing in, two for breathing out. This way you are training your mind to focus on what you want it to focus on and not allowing your mind to run away with itself. It won’t take long for the pleasurable feelings you are having to push all other thoughts out of your mind and this takes you promptly to the next step.

Concentrate On The Sensations

Come on. It feels good, right? So, go with the flow.  Allow yourself to enjoy what is happening. Let yourself drift with the feelings of pleasure and relax enough so you can enjoy them. If you are relaxed, can clear your mind of negative thoughts and doubts then enjoying the sensation is the final step to take you to the point that you want to achieve.

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