The Everyday Struggle Against Gender Prejudices and Women Discrimination.

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Sadly, we have all heard the negative and offensive everyday statements about girls and women. Females around the world hear rude and abusive words directed towards them strangers, peers and even loved ones.

However, Brazilian illustrator, Carol Rossetti, is looking to make a difference by creating a series of supportive illustrations called ‘Women’. The project aims to help motivate women in their struggle against gender prejudices and women discrimination.

The on-going project started in May, and Rossetti publishes her work on her blog and Facebook. Although the images were originally created in Portuguese, the popular illustrator got some help in translating them into other languages.

For more info – carolrossetti.com.br | Facebook


Carol-Rossetti-15 Carol-Rossetti-01 Carol-Rossetti-02 Carol-Rossetti-03 Carol-Rossetti-04 Carol-Rossetti-05 Carol-Rossetti-06 Carol-Rossetti-08 Carol-Rossetti-09 Carol-Rossetti-10 Carol-Rossetti-11 Carol-Rossetti-12 Carol-Rossetti-13 Carol-Rossetti-14

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