What to Expect From MTV’s Faking It Season 2

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MTV’s half hour drama/comedy had a bit of a rocky start. As one of few shows to feature a queer female lead, Faking It focused on two characters, Amy, who was in love with her best friend, Karma. Many people liked the show but it weaved a complicated web in its portrayal of queer women.

The girls, in the very first episode, are actually forced into pretending that they are dating when a (queer, male) classmate outs them at a party. Hardly the most progressive way of portraying a ‘coming out story’ is it? And then, to make matters so much worse, the series ended with Amy being rejected by Karma only to drunkenly sleep with Karma’s male love interest. And all all happened in just 8 episodes.

Faking It season 2 looks to correct some of these issues though, so read on below to find out the scoop before the new series airs.

First thing’s first, the fallout from that hook-up with Liam? Yeah, we can expect that to be huge. Judging by the promo for the second season above it doesn’t deter Karma from pursuing him but it will likely cause a rift between the two besties. And, although there might me a great helping of angst between Karma and Amy, we shouldn’t expect a blissful, lady-loving reunion as ‘Karmy’ won’t be canon just yet.

Instead, Amy will get a new girlfriend! Not much is known about the character just yet other than her name (Deacon) and that she’ll be a “hip, edgy lesbian with a rebellious streak”. Could that end up being a little tropey? Have we not seen the hip, edgy lesbian persona portrayed on PLL (Paige McCullers) and The L Word (Shane et. al)? Arguably yes, but if Amy gets a chance of love that’s not the sometimes confusing, sometimes heart-wrenching and awful to watch romance with Karma, then Amy’s new lady love sounds alright by us.

Meanwhile, we can expect a huge, whopping bombshell to be dropped by Amy’s step-sister, Lauren. Or, rather, we can expect her to be unceremoniously outed as intersex. Again, outing is not ok and Faking It really needs to stop doing this but the fact that they are addressing the rarely touched upon topic of intersex people is nothing short of massive. The last intersex television character was a girl named Amy on the cancelled TV show Freaks and Geeks in 2000 so Lauren’s story is a Very Big Deal. There’s hope for Faking It to deal with her storyline in a nuanced way and not mishandle it so we’ll see how it does over the next set of episodes.

Furthermore, we can also expect cameos by Orange is the New Black’s Laverne Cox who plays a drama teacher while girl band Fifth Harmony will be starring as “an all-girl band with an edge who cover pop music’s most memorable boy band songs”.

Faking It season two premieres on September 23rd on MTV.


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