Last week, lesbian comedian Cameron Esposito shared a story of how a man sitting in the front row at one of her recent shows had decided to inform her of his observation about her appearance.

Called ‘the future of comedy’ by none other than Jay Leno, Cameron Esposito is a fast rising Los Angeles-based standup comic, actor and writer.

“You look like a woman who doesn’t sleep with men! He yelled that at me like as if I don’t know… He yelled that at me like it was going to be a surprise, and an insult.

Here’s the thing: I look like a woman who doesn’t sleep with men because I am a lesbian… and that’s one of the biggest parts… of being a lesbian. And if you’re a lesbian, you’re not bummed about it.”

I have a side mullet! I look like most of Portland’s men! This look [gesturing to her outfit], this is on purpose, to attract women.

So if you’re a guy out there, and you’re like “I’m not sure if I’m into that”, to you I say sir, there is no chance that you are less into me than I am into you.”

Cameron Esposito


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