Finally, Barbie Is Now An Out Football Playing Lesbian

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Mattel has unveiled a new Barbie design based on out football player Abby Wambach.

Kim Culmone of Barbie Global announced the new doll at the MAKERS conference, which is celebrates women in business.

Culmone announced:

We believe play is important… and that’s for a very good reason. Play is a way that a girl goes on her own personal journey of self-discovery. That’s a journey sparked by inspiration – and that’s our job as the current leaders.

Play is the way they learn to push the boundaries of possibility, and discover their own limitless potential.

Makers and Barbie are really thrilled to honour a woman who’s redefined what’s possible through her own effort, her bravery, and her accomplishment.

I want you to meet the Abby Wambach doll. This doll will inspire young girls to be as incredible as the woman who has inspired us all.”


The new doll honours Wambach, who retired from football this year after 15 years as part of the US women’s national soccer team.

Wambach is one of the most visible out female sports stars in America, having helped win two Olympic gold medals and the Women’s World Cup champion – and has been named US Soccer Athlete of the Year six times.


Examining the doll, Wambach praised the faithful approach to her short hair and presentation, saying

I’m not going to lie, you guys might not believe this… but I was a Barbie kid. I played with Barbies my whole life.

I know about playing with Barbies who may or may not have looked like I felt – and I feel like this is a really impactful statement.

It just proves we really are getting somewhere.

Not everyone is treated equal: if you are out there and your doll doesn’t look exactly like you, here’s another option!”


She added:

Her hair’s even shaved! All the cool kids are going to want this.”

It’s not the first new diverse Barbie – the doll recently got a make-over with a number of different shapes and sizes.


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