Finally, You Can Purchase The Gay Agenda

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Ask any Trump supporter: The Gay Agenda is ruining America. And heterosexual marriage. And religion. And the economy. The gays just want to take their big gay Gay Agenda and destroy the entire world.

Now you can purchase your very own Gay Agenda!

This planner is more than just clever wordplay. It’s the perfect place to track all of your Take Over the World meetings with your evil gay friends.

This planner has been in the works for quite some time but is finally ready for release. The cover is gorgeous and sleek, and the interior is breathtaking – instead of plain dated pages, the planner contains a “beautiful presentation of people, events and ideas that we find appropriate for the first-ever, official Gay Agenda.”

The agenda contains vocabulary words that you should know, such as intersectionality, as well as important queer ideas for you to consider and LGBT historical figures for you to learn about. Current events, such as the state of marriage equality and gay rights in the western world, “will be mapped out in ways that motivate a critical mass towards a society with equal rights for all.

Nothing less. And perhaps a whole lot more.”

When you crack open this book, you’ll find 26 original and highly detailed ink drawings of LGBT figures and allies, as well as a short biography about why they’re important and what you can learn from them. These are the People Pages.

The people pages feature everyone from classical figures such as James Baldwin and Oscar Wilde, to contemporary icons such as Ellen DeGeneres and Janet Mock. You probably haven’t heard of some of these people despite the important work that they have done for the queer community – the Gay Agenda is the perfect, effortless way to learn.

The Agenda also includes the ABCs of the Gay Agenda, which will “highlight events, vocabulary, ideas and concepts we want to explore, celebrate, problematize or debate.”

This exciting new project will fly off the shelves once it’s officially released.

Pick up your own copy at the Kickstarter page.

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