Five Very Real Problems When You Have More Than One Sexual Partner

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Some girls are one woman only types, whereas the mere thought of only being with one sexual partner can send other girls into a state of panic. For those of you that have more than one partner at any given time these set ups are known as polyamory.

It means a relationship that involves more than one partner, each person involved knows of the other and there are normally clear boundaries involving a lot of open and honest communication.

Research has in fact shown that these types of relationships can be healthier than monogamous relationships as those involved tend to tackle issues directly in order to keep the relationship going. But polyamory does not come without its own set of problems.

Time Is of The Essence

We all know that daily life takes up most of our time. Working, housekeeping and family keep the majority of us occupied most days. So, imagine splitting yourself between two or more others as well? If you want to spend quality time with someone and keep the relationship alive that time has to be applied to all parties involved. When is there time to sleep?

It’s Not Cheap

Going out on multiple dates, double the birthday and Christmas presents and double the amount spent in general. Money is tight for most folk and those who have more than one partner have double the money to spend.

Polyamory Means Different Things To Different People

One of the main issues in polyamorous relationships occurs when a person has a set idea on what it means but potential partners have another idea on what it means to them. For example, if one partner thinks it’s ok to have lots of sexual partners, but the other partner thinks only having meaningful relationships with others is acceptable this can quickly ruin the set up. The only way for open relationships to work is to make sure there are clear boundaries that all parties agree to.

Acceptance From Others

Not everyone is willing to accept relationships such as these so finding partners can be difficult along with other people not understanding and having a negative opinion of it. If for example you all decide to live together the law does not accept polygamy and problems can arise from family issues in court to landlords booting you out if they are not happy about the set-up.

Sexual Health

The more sexual partners you have the more at risk you put yourself from STI’s. This means that care has to be taken between all parties involved and some people may even insist on yearly sexual screening tests to make sure they stay safe. This in itself can cause issues if one of your sexual partners does happen to contract an STI which you then catch and pass on to one of your other sexual partners. Using as much protection as possible is the only way to stay safe.

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