Five Reasons To Celebrate The Female Orgasm

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Let’s face it, there are many different ways we achieve orgasm. Through clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, through dreams, with a partner, when alone and nots let forget the ones we sometimes fake. Because we have all done that at some point if we’re honest!

But the female orgasm is something of a wonder. There is no biological reason we orgasm; its sole purpose is to give us pleasure. Which means we should definitely celebrate this natural wonder.

Here are five reasons women should give a toast to the natural wonder we all have the ability to achieve.

More Woman Achieve Orgasms Today Than They Did 20 Years Ago

During the 1990’s a study called The National Health and Social Life Survey was published by researchers in Chicago. The study found that 75 percent of men were having orgasms consistently with their partners, while women were only having consistent orgasms 29 percent of the time with their partners.

Move forwards to 2015 and a study carried out by Skyn Condoms found that 89 percent of women have experienced orgasm during sex. This could be due to devices such as the vibrator, but it still shows that women are enjoying far more orgasms today than they did twenty years ago.

We Are Able To Help Ourselves To Better Orgasms

Women are now much more aware of what makes them come, probably due to the fact we masturbate more and use sex toys. In fact, a study conducted by Cosmopolitan found that women were very aware of what prevented them from orgasm. Women claimed it was because of lack of clitoral stimulation, the clitoral stimulation given was not the right kind needed and some women even said it was because of mental blocks or because they were too worried about how they looked during sex.

We Can Achieve Multiple Orgasms Without The Need To Take A Break

Multiple Orgasms, oh yeah! Luckily for women we don’t need to wait a while to become aroused again. Our orgasms can happen over and over again simultaneously. Surely this is something to definitely be grateful for?

Females Also Orgasm During Sleep

It’s a myth that only men achieve the ‘wet dream’ during sleep. Women do as well. Plus, some studies have proven that these types of orgasm during our sleeping hours can be even more intense than the ones during our waking hours. And don’t forget we can have sex with whomever we like in our dreams without feeling like we’ve cheated on our boo or did something bad. Power to women’s erotic dreams.

Women Enjoy Mutual Masturbation Which Is Satisfying And Risk Free

Women are also quite happy to mutually masturbate with their partners. Not only is this a good way to discover your partner’s bodies and what they like in order to achieve orgasm, it’s also a good way to bond and feel close to your partner. And let’s not forget there is no risk of STD’s if you are only touching your own genitals and not your partners. Mutual masturbation is an all-round winner, surely?

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