Foreplay First Please: 7 Moves You Need To Try With Your Girlfriend (Like ASAP)

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Looking to get your partner in the mood but not sure how to proceed? We’ve got you covered!

Whether your relationship is still new and you’re looking for a segue towards sexual activities, or you’ve been together for years and you’re looking to bring back that spark, foreplay can work wonders toward ensuring that you’re nice and wet before anything happens.

However, sometimes that’s easier said than done, as it can be tough to think of how your partner will react to your advances – often, your partner needs to already be warmed up before they’re even willing to consider the idea of sex.

However, KitschMix has you covered! We’ve gathered up some of the best positions for getting in the mood that we could find, and summarized them to ensure your success. Read on to learn some techniques that should be in your arsenal. If properly implemented, your partner won’t be able to resist!

Hot Spot

Hot Spot

The Hot Spot is a great way to get your partner in the mood for a bit of private time. In this position, one partner will be on her knees, while the other partner is seated in front of her. Both partners will kiss and caress each other; the partner who is seated should be at a perfect height to tease the nipples and rub the clit, while the partner who is on her knees will be in a position of “control” (which can be exciting if you’re into these roles).

Carnal Rodeo

Carnal Rodeo

This wonderful warm-up position calls for one partner to be on her hands and knees, with her legs straight. She can then reach around to fondle the partner in back, who will be kneeling behind her. The rear partner can caress her partner’s entire body in order to ensure that everything is warmed up and ready to proceed as you wish.

Skin Deep

Skin deep

For this position, both partners should be standing, back-to-front. You will be at a perfect vantage point to caress each other and warm things up. Although it’s difficult in this position to achieve a full orgasm, it’s definitely a sexy way to get things warmed up, as the partner in front will be able to fondle her partner’s back and butt, while the partner in back will have full access to the breasts and vagina. As far as where it goes after that – that’s entirely up to you!



This sounds very similar to the 69 position, but the reality is that it’s more similar to a spooning position. Both partners should be on their knees, in a back-to-front arrangement. Then, you simply reach around to each other and caress and tease. The position itself might make it difficult to reach climax this way, but it’s certainly not impossible.

The Promise

The promise

This one is great for when you’re watching a movie and cuddling, and you decide to take it a bit further. The partner who is going to receive should be sitting between the legs of her lover, while the giver is free to explore her body as she pleases. This probably won’t include any penetration, but it can definitely mean a lot of kissing, rubbing, and teasing – go wild! Just don’t be surprised if you end up missing your whole movie!

Special Friends

Special friends

Both partners will need to be seated in a cuddly position for this to work. The partner who is in front will drape her legs over her partner’s; ideally, slightly elevated so that she can still provide some sexual attention to her partner. Whether you decide to play with each other or play with yourselves, the intimacy and sexiness of this position is sure to offer a great amount of fun for both of you.

The Moment

The moment

You should both be standing and facing each other. This is an excellent way to tease each other before you get down to business, as it’s great to be able to explore each other’s bodies without the focus on the sex itself. You’ll be at a fine position to kiss each other’s lips, neck, and ears, as well as being able to caress each other’s breasts, butt, and clit. You probably won’t be finishing this way, but it’s a wonderful warm-up activity that will get the juices flowing and make you want it even more.

Often in more committed relationships, we neglect the need of foreplay, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still important. In fact, it can be even more important once you and your partner are comfortable with each other – and it can be especially great to initiate make-up sex after a painful fight. (But please, for the sake of dignity, don’t try to initiate make-up sex with someone you have no intention of actually making up with!)

With a little bit of practice, all of these moves will be a wonderful addition to your foreplay regimen, and some can even be used in place of “regular” sex for a bit of extra intimacy.

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