Gay and Green

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Gay and Green – a recent Harris Interactive survey showed that LGBTs are more likely to consider themselves eco-friendly than straight people, there’s always room for improvement. From recycling as much of our rubbish as possible to walking and cycling instead of driving, we can always be a little more green.

1. Insulation, insulation, insulation

One of the big contributors to climate change is the energy we use to heat our homes. Instead of turning up the thermostat so often why not install double glazing and other fixtures that will improve your house’s insulation? You’ll also save yourself some cash.

2. Recycle everything

Almost everything can be recycled so don’t stop with the green bins provided by the council. So many people throw perfectly good materials away or store them in an attic for decades. Why not pass them on to someone who can use them?

3. Stay online

Although we do more and more of our communications online, we can always do more to reduce the amount of posting we do. Remember that the more physical objects you send in the post, the more petrol delivery vans will use and the more damage will be done to the environment.

4. Keep it local

If you buy a lot of food grown in faraway lands that means air miles and a big carbon footprint. Try to buy as many locally-sourced ingredients as you can. The other benefit of this will be to your local community – farmers, bakers, craftspeople etc.

5. Only do green business

These days there are whole directories of green businesses – operations that try to limit their carbon footprints and that use and sell locally-sourced products. If the public vote with their feet and spend their hard-earned money in such businesses, environmental awareness will keep growing.

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