Gillian Anderson Returns to ‘The Fall’ Season 3 and Gets Nominated for an Olivier Award (Double Win)

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Gillian Anderson’s drama The Fall will return for a third season, and plans to finally revealing the fate of the serial killer played by Jamie Dornan.

The second series of the thriller, ended like the first, on a cliffhanger, (spoiler alert) with Dornan’s Paul Spector lying shot in the arms of detective Stella Gibson (Anderson).

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Both stars will return for a new five-part run of the Belfast-based drama which the BBC, announcing its recommission on Tuesday, said would bring the story to a close. The smart, scary crime drama is likely to air next year.

The Fall

The series is so well written, and the storyline is able to show the feminist cat and misogynistic mouse game between Gibson and Spector to perfection.

However, the highlight for us is representation of Anderson’s complicated Stella. She is a woman who is smart, sexual and strong. Her sexual fluidity between men and women, has also been explored throughout the series and the show is not shy in portraying her power.

Archie Panjabi-Gillian-Anderson-01

Anderson, who is also one of its producers, said at the programme launch last year that she was keen to bring the character back for a third time.

“Who she is and everything she stands for and how she operates – I find that very compelling and I don’t feel like I have really seen that before.  

She makes it very clear how she feels about violence against women, how these women are represented and how they are perceived.

She is a supporter of women and women being treated respectfully and she doesn’t mince words. It’s in her bones. I like that about her.”

Gillian Anderson

Anderson is also in contention for an Olivier Awards, the British theater’s most prestigious prizes. She is up for Best Actress for her lauded turn in A Streetcar Named Desire. Also in the running is Kristin Scott Thomas for her performance of Electra; and veterans Imelda Staunton (in Good People) and Penelope Wilton (in Taken At Midnight).

Anderson fans will be happy to hear, the actress is also set to play a key role in the third season on Hannibal.

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