Halsey Responds To The Buzzfeed Article Penned About Her Sexuality

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Halsey – who is openly bisexual – has responded to the not-so-cool Buzzfeed article penned about her sexuality; saying that it plays into bi-erasure, and the minimising of bisexuality in the queer narrative.

The article, titled What Does A Queer Pop Star Look Like In 2016, is a lengthy piece that analyses Halsey’s sexuality in conjunction with her celeb status.

It questions her motives for kissing women at her concerts; makes comments about her musical lyric and videos, accusing them of lacking same-sex romance in each; and lays judgement on her social life.

Perhaps Halsey will avoid incorporating too much queerness into her image in the future…. Or perhaps she’ll prove that being an androgynous, bisexual pop star is a real possibility in the mainstream.”


The article even takes a dig out her recent VMA performance with Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, saying,

Her VMAs outfit, however, was one of her most traditionally feminine picks: sparkly white bell bottoms and a tiny matching crop top showing a peek of underboob, the look topped off with a plain long brown wig. She and Taggart might have looked like an unremarkable straight couple to anyone who didn’t know better.”

Halsey has always been open about her sexuality, her past struggles, and her emotions.

She has since deleted the tweets, but she wrote in her denfece on Twitter “Sorry I’m not gay enough for you” and referred to the story as a

tiresome analysis of my 1 year in the public eye and the ignorance of 8+ years of sexual discovery to determine if I’m truly queer. [And it] is part of a mentality so engrained [sic] in the erasure of bisexual ‘credibility’ even within the lgbt community.”

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