Here’s Why Generation Y Don’t Have Much Sex

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Well how depressing is this? Apparently people who reach young adulthood during the 2000’s are not having as much sex or as many sexual partners as their own parent’s generation were having at the same age.

Our parent’s got it on more than we do? That’s just not allowed!

Dr Jean Twinge from San Diego University conducted a study around the culture of Millennials and discovered that millennials sex lives are definitely not as active as people of the same age in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.

So what were they doing right and what are we doing so wrong?

Dr Twinge suggests it’s because Millennials lives are so much different now. For a start many young adults remain living with their parents until are they around 30, or if they have left home they share a flat with lots of other people. The cost of living is so high this is understandable.

I can fully understand why this can affect our sex lives! I remember having my first serious girlfriend at 16 and I was terrified to have sex with her in my bedroom in case my Mum would casually stroll in. She was quite fond of that. At that point I had not come out to my parent’s either, so that was a double dampener.

The same applies if you are sharing a flat.

How horrendous if your flatmates hear your groans of passion as they are all sat munching pizza together in the lounge? It’s not just because of our living arrangements either. Apparently it’s also because of our culture with the internet.

We spend a lot more time online and talk to people that way, rather than face to face, which as clever as the internet is, we can’t have sex remotely, can we? Oh, and did I mention that we watch a lot porn and take our satisfaction that way?

I must confess to doing that on occasion if my girlfriend was working away or I was alone. Which leads to the next reason. Girls, it’s also because of sex toys! Yep, the rampant rabbit is also destroying our sex lives.

Thinking about it, it is easier to ‘do the job yourself’ rather than actually go out there and find a sexual partner if you do not have one.

Plus, our lives are so busy with work or studying it’s often hard to even get time to spend with your partner, so if you are only seeing her at weekends then that’s the only time you can jump into the sack, isn’t it?

So there you have it. We are simply not getting as much as they had ‘in the good old days’! Rebecca Reid, a journalist and columnist for the Telegraph has differing opinions. She thinks that the figures given during our parent’s generations might not be correct in the first place.

She suggests they may have made up how many sexual partners they had, simply for bravado, or rather than admit they were having no sex at all, to keep face they simply pretended they were getting it 4 days a week!

I prefer to think she’s got it right. I don’t want to accept that my parents were having more fun than I have.

Our generation are so much cooler and have loads more fun, right?

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