The global food chain Nando’s has made an advert for Australian TV that pokes fun at some of the misunderstandings straight people have about LGBTs. The ad depicts a young interior designer eating at one of the Portuguese-style chicken restaurants with his family.

After his mother quizzes him about when he might settle down with a nice girl, it becomes obvious that everyone else knows that he’s gay. ‘You’re such a catch,’ she exclaims, before his father – who knows his true persuasion – tries to subtly tell her the reality: ‘Darling, he bats for the other team!’ Mum still doesn’t get it and thinks that her son is a fan of cricket. ‘Oh this is fun!’ her son announces sarcastically.

Australia is obsessed with cricket, so the ad’s reference to batting for the other team is likely to go down well. There’s also currently an effort across the whole of Australian sport to clamp down on homophobia.

See the whole funny ad here:

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