Hillary Clinton Addresses Her Changing Views On Same-Sex Marriage

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Hillary Clinton has addressed her changing views on same-sex marriage, after being challenged about her previous opposition to it.

Former Secretary of State and now Democratic Presidential candidate – Hillary Clinton – is seen as a strong supporter of LGBT rights, and strongly welcomed same-sex marriage in all 50 states earlier this year.

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However, opponents have often raised questions of her change on the issue, having insisted in the Senate in 2004 that marriage is “a sacred bond between a man and a woman”.

Her differing views were put to the candidate on Meet the Press, when she defended her evolution on the issue.

She said:

What I’ve always tried to do is say, what is the best decision I can think about making now? On same-sex marriage, like a lot of people, including our President, I did evolve.

I was not raised to even imagine this, and I’m thrilled now that it is the law of the land – I have a lot of good friends who are now able to be married because of the changes we’ve made legally and constitutionally.”

The former First Lady announced her support for equal marriage back in 2013 – and has consistently shown her support for LGBT issues since.

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