Hitting the Festival Circuit in 2015 ‘Sugarhiccup’ – a Short Film From Lisa Donato and Fawzia Mirza

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There is a new first short film set for the 2015 film festival circuit, which you should keep on your radar.

We are all aware troubles of digital communication and digital miscommunication can cause; especially when you get caught in between. A Facebook status update that leaves you questioning why, a text cut short – no smiles or kisses.

We fill in the meaning, and we over analyze the gaps. So it’s with a smile on our faces that we look forward to watching this short film by writer and director Lisa Donato.

Staring Fawzia Mirza and Nikki Caster, ‘Sugarhiccup’ is one woman’s misperception of reality and over analyzation of incomplete information, which results in her subsequent coming apart at the seams. A satire on our digital world, the film looks at how we are easily susceptible to blurring the lines between truth and perception. It’s a story about how nonsensical data, social media, and distrust can all lead to destructive decision-making.

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