Why Hooking Up With Your Best Friend While On The Rebound Is A No No

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When you’ve broken up with your boo the first person we usually turn to is our best friend.

She’s there to dry our tears, agree with us that your boo was a first rate bitch, she’ll binge watch romantic comedies with you and basically support you through the heartbreak. But what happens when our emotions confuse this support and care and we start to think of our best friend in another way?

After a break-up we do feel lonely, neglected and unwanted. It’s our best friends that fill the void in our hearts for the next few months.

We yearn for comfort and this is what we get. During this vulnerable period, it’s really easy to confuse friendship feelings for romantic feelings and our good judgement flies out the window quicker than a bar of chocolate flies into our stomachs.

The minute we start to think of our friends romantically the friendship boundaries get really murky. Does it mean we’ve become friends with benefits? Are we dating? Are there now things we can’t tell her as a friend because we’ve started having sex together?

These are just a few things that naturally goes through our heads when we blur friendship and romantic boundaries.

The biggest problem though is what happens to our friendship afterwards? Most rebound hook ups never last long term as we normally only have them to make ourselves feel better and to prove to ourselves we are worthy of love and affection.

But we can’t turn back time and we potentially run the risk of losing our best friend forever over something that could so easily have been avoided.

It’s true that some friendships can survive something like this and perhaps you and your best friend could be good together in a relationship, but even if this is the case, getting involved in a relationship when your heart has been split in two is no basis for a healthy, long term relationship anyway.

So if you find yourself in this situation and you are looking at your BFF in a different way since you split with your current boo, take a step back. Think of what you could lose if it all gets messy. Imagine the worst case scenario. You lose your best friend forever.

Perhaps in a few months when your heart as healed and you still have these feelings for your friend then there might well be something in it. But you will be looking at it with a clear mind and with your emotions in order.

Just think before you leap – it’ll be worth it in the long run.

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