How Coming Out Allowed Ellen Page to Reconnect With Fashion

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If you’ve been feeling a stronger-than-usual desire to purchase a Saint Laurent suit lately, then Ellen Page is probably the cause.

Page is stepping up a gear when it comes to fashion visibility, and it would seem her coming out has helped pave the way for this.

In the new issue Vogue (April 2015), Page confirms that coming out as gay has reignited the spark when it comes to getting dressed.

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The out actress and activist said:

“I used to feel this constant pressure to be more feminine; a quiet or sometimes not-so-quiet demand — You need to wear a dress or people will think you’re gay.’ Now I feel a sense of freedom in dressing, and I’m enjoying it so much. I love wearing a Saint Laurent suit to an event… I mean, what a gift.”


Page will be playing Julianne Moore’s lesbian love interest in the upcoming film Freeheld, a role which has gained further significance since she publicly came out last year.

Lets take a moment to really appreciate Page’s post coming out wardrobe.

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