How Do I Ask Her To Be My Girlfriend?

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Q: How Do I Ask Her To Be My Girlfriend?

Dear KitschMix,

We’ve been talking long distance for about a year and I’ve seen her a couple of times. I get to see her this weekend and I really want to ask her to be officially mine even though we essentially have been loyal and together. Any ideas that would be cute?

Long distance is an especially tough situation to be in, but thankfully this doesn’t usually apply to asking someone out. In fact, it can be easier to ask her out if she’s far away, because (in theory) you have limitless time to come up with something cute – you have time to “script” your question and even come up with something super adorable.

Your specific wording will depend on things that she likes, which you obviously know better than I do. Here are a few cute ideas:

  • If she likes pizza, consider: “Will you be my girlfriend, or is this too cheesy?” – written on the inside of a pizza box.
  • If she likes OITNB, you can consider something like “Will you be my partner in crime?” – and then follow with a Netflix binge.
  • If she likes cats (and cheesy puns), you can probably find a blank-inside card somewhere, with a cat on the front, and fill in “Having you as my girlfriend would be purr-fect!”
  • If she likes coffee, you could get her some Starbucks (or coffee from a local coffee shop – support locally owned businesses!) and write “I’d love to wake up next to you” on the cup. If you take her with you for this, you could probably tip the barista to write it for an extra special “surprise” – just make sure it’s clear that the flirtation is coming from you.

Really, there’s no limit to the number of cute ways you can ask someone out, whether it’s long distance or someone you’ve lived next door to for your entire life. This page has a great list of cute ways to ask someone out – but it should be noted that some of these are not realistic. Use your own discretion!

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