Is ‘The L Word’ Set To Return? Here’s What Ilene Chaiken Had To Say

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Ilene Chaiken, who created the ground breaking lesbian drama The L Word recently talked with Entertainment Weekly and had this to say:

I would love to revisit The L Word. We talk about it from time to time. I talk about it with some of my colleagues who were in the cast who would love to reboot it. I don’t know when.

I’m busy and most of them are too, but I do still think that it’s a viable world in which to tell stories, and those characters are still beloved as far as I can tell.”

While this is hardly a confirmation, it is exciting that Chaiken would be willing to revisit the show, and with such large fan base, a reboot would presumably be rather successful – right?!

The L Word-02

The L Word first premiered in 2004 on Showtime, and revolved around a group of queer women living in West Hollywood – the twists and turns of the show and their love, personal, and professional lives made for some captivating and truthful television viewing.

Held a trailblazing show, this was the easily the first show to revolve completely around Queer women, unlike male-dominated LBGT shows like Queer as Folk, and Will And Grace.

While the majority of the principle characters identified as lesbian, The L Word also contained bisexual, transgender and straight characters. Additionally, a major character came out at Transgender, and the show chronicled their transition.

While Ilene Chaiken and the team behind The L Word would like to bring a reboot to their audience, it would be quite the feat to actually accomplish it.

Many of the people who helped make The L Word so great have gone on to busy entertainment careers.

Chaiken is currently showrunner for Fox’s hit Empire. Katherine Moennig, who played everyone’s favourite Shane, is currently a main character in Showtime’s drama Ray DonovanJennifer Beals has her own show too.

The L Word-04

So the chances on anything happen soon are slim.

Catch follow the interview below:


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18 thoughts on “Is ‘The L Word’ Set To Return? Here’s What Ilene Chaiken Had To Say

  1. Jane mamerto

    Please don’t .if she can’t commit to creating relatable characters with common place careers.only to hinge everything within the narrative to star power and sex then I would prefer she didn’t bother

  2. Terrie

    I think it is a social responsibility of your to bring back the original L Word. Our community and others need shows like this and only you can make it happen with your abilities and much success this should be a priority of your to make it happen.

  3. Ruth Batchelor

    I think you should definately bring back “The L Word” ~ as a sequel ~ many of us would Love to know just how Jenny died, I think we all have our own interpretations, but it would be a great version of a “who dun it”? But it has to be the same cast ~ just wouldn’t work otherwise.

  4. Roselee Mckinnon

    I agree with Ruth . I think it would be great to bring it back and with original characters , it would not be the same without the original characters . Personal I would love to know exactly how jenny died , and who done it . The end of the season 6 kinda just left you hanging , it would be great to see what happened . I am a devoted fan of the l. Word and would be happy to see it back on. Watching the L word helped me be more social and confidant of myself..

  5. Joanna

    I’d love to know how Jenny died but I’d also like to know how Max ended up with his pregnancy. So much unfinished things in the show…

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  7. ann callahan

    Yes bring it back!! Want to know who killed jenny. What’s going on with Tasha and Alice, Helena after going on the run. Of course bette and tina. Oh yes yes PAPI AND SHANE, EVEN BRING CARMEN BACK. Kit!

  8. natasha

    Enter your comment here…I say bring back the excitement nd everything that goes with it ,but if it can’t ,next time ya ,we will be keeping an eye out

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  10. cahnny

    Bring it back bigger and better an still with all the original cast, im such a big fan an was so disappointed owhen it ended i just cried. Watching this show just made you feel part of a family an can go and achieve anything so plz plz bring the L word back

  11. Kathleen stutz

    I think it would be great but you all have to respect the actor’s who are busy with other progets they are doing that’s just the way i feel!! It would be great to find out how Jenny died but i have my therories on how she did.

  12. Elle Shah

    I think you should definitely bring back the L word but introduce some new characters in it too I could be one of the characters in it I would love to act in that!!!

  13. Nikki

    My favourites left Dana/Marina Reboot those characters loved Helena and Carmen too! Good riddance to Jenny though, annoying tit!!

  14. JazzyV

    I would love to see all the old characters,but let’s face it they’re all older now. Do we really want to see women in their 40s and 50s getting it on? I would like to see a complete reboot with new characters and a whole new storyline for the younger lesbian audience. I needed it so do they. But I most definitely will miss the hilarious Alice Pieszecki.

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